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Are you ready to boot out booze?

DNMUM404593 | 1/4/2018 | Author : Melissa D’Costa D’Silva | WC :548

According to a research, synthetic alcohol will replace hard drinks within a decade or so. After Hrs speaks to restaurateurs to find out if we are ready for the change...

James Bond enters a bar, looks at the bartender, and calls for an alcosynth instead of a martini. This could be the future, according to professor David Nutt, a former government drugs advisor of Imperial College London. He believes synthetic booze will replace real alcohol in just 10 or 20 years. In fact, Prof Nutt and his venture Alcarelle are currently bidding for £7 million of investment to bring low-calorie, hangover-free alcosynth to British, US, EU or Canadian markets. If that works out, it won’t be long before it reaches Indian shores, but is it a change that we are ready for? We asked the people in the business of serving food and beverages for their take on this.
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