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Man! That’s beautiful make-up

DNMUM390837 | 6/19/2017 | Author : Sohini Das Gupta | WC :426

Yes, there are men who enjoy wearing ruby red lipstick. And no, not all of them who do are gay
Social labelling means the words ‘make-up’ and ‘male’ in the same sentence evoke the stereotype of a glamorous gay person. But what about straight men who love lipstick and liner? Take for example Ronak Bedi. “I love blinging myself up, putting on eye shadow and lipstick,” says the graphic designer and bartender.
His favourite lip colour is ruby red. This, of course, is a cue for unwarranted questions about his sexuality. “Even my nose piercing attracts curiosity. I’m straight, but the answers I give them are anything but,” chuckles the 24-year-old, who also experiments with kimonos and face paints, usually with the help of his sister and girlfriends. The Mumbai resident has a kooky, but effective, antidote for the judge-y lot.
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