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DNJAI83029 | 12/6/2017 | Author : Aditi Mehrotra | WC :512

Healthy talks

Cold nose and frozen toes are part of winter woes. Come winter and as the temperatures plummet, you are faced with two obvious options. One is to feel under the weather and allow it to wear you down or the other option is to spring up, build and boost your health, vitality and enjoy the winter thrills. For countless centuries, Ayurveda’s dictats have helped cope with the impact and severity of seasonal changes on our body. Ayurveda suggests living in harmony with these natural cycles and adjusting to the changes in the environment by ingesting the right type of food, in correct proportions and combinations. The change in climate places stress at varying levels depending on our “metabolic type”.
 Winter is the season of ‘Kapha’
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