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Think about it

DNBAN19713 | 2/3/2010 | Author : Ramesh Menon | WC :392

Positive Thinking

Your health as well as your energy to do things is directly related to the way you think. If you think weak thoughts, it will make you weak. On the other hand, if you think positive thoughts, it will energise  you and propel you to act and achieve success.
David Hawkins in his book Power versus Force says that every thought either weakens or strengthens you. He gives an example: If you ask someone to push down your hand as you hold it out straight and, at that time, think of a telling a lie, you will notice that you’re weaker in comparison to a similar moment when you are thinking of telling the truth. 
In that case, it’s wiser to harbour positive thoughts, instead of negative ones. One has to do it consciously. When thoughts that weaken or fill you with dread flood the mind, just shift to ones that are more upbeat, or even reflective as it’ll help keep the mind busy. In the process, you are also empowering your mind to uplift and raise your spirits.
Sachin Tendulkar recently said that all he thinks of on the cricket pitch is to perform irrespective of the circumstances, and that it helps him score runs. What he’s doing is focusing on the thought that gives him strength to play well.
Remember that your body can become weaker by weak thoughts. Your health actually depends on what you are thinking.Youngsters often argue of how truth is an illusion, and how honesty is not necessarily a good policy. Most of us do not want to see the starkness of truth and so pretend not to recognise it. Honesty requires courage and that’s why we try to compromise on that. 
Say no to thoughts such as guilt, anger, frustration, laziness and so on, which weaken the mind. Put the past behind and move on. Do not live with the burden of guilt. Just see it as one incident that you couldn’t control. There is no sense in immobilising your present for what happened in the past.
Practice shifting from a low energy thought to a high energy one. Refuse to entertain thoughts of fatigue, for instance, and see how you’re actually not feeling tired. Pay attention to your thoughts and see how this works.
 —Ramesh Menon is a journalist and corporate trainer

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