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Celeb speak on Shravan

DNPUN17093 | 7/25/2009 | Author : Preeti Devnani | WC :655

Shravan Special

The holy month of Shravan has started and so has the rituals, practices and customs that one follows during this auspicious month. And letting us know about their habits are our very own Pune celebs, who resort to a simpler diet, routine and lifestyle during this period.
Amit Bhosale, hotelier
During the month of Shravan, my entire family and I turn vegetarian. I have been following this since I was a kid. I mainly do this as the logic behind the practice makes sense to me. With the weather and water being ever-so-dicey in the monsoon, it’s best to eat simply. Eating non-vegetarian food during this season is not supposed to be good for one’s health.
Kapil Dholepatil, hotelier
My family and I stop eating non-vegetarian food during Shravan. I try and avoid partying as much as possible in this holy month. I also do not shave in this period of time.
Subhash Sanas, builder & hotelier
I try to avoid eating non-vegetarian food as much as possible. But I’m not that strict with myself as my lifestyle  involves socialising and partying a lot. So when someone forces me, I won’t be able to say no.
Rutuja Baravkar, boutique owner
All my family members eat only vegetarian food during Shravan. In fact, my mother fasts every Friday where she eats only one meal a day.
Saurabh Gadgil, jewellery entrepreuner
The whole diet trend of Shravan sprouted from the fact that during monsoons, one should eat carefully in order to take care of one’s health and avoid infections plus germs. I really like this practice and thus refrain from non-veg food and instead enjoy fresh, healthy home-cooked meals. During Shravan, people also avoid eating onion and garlic and at my home, the food is anyways cooked without these ingredients. Even business-wise, this month is considered very auspicious. 
Rohit Tilak, politician
There are various customs and traditions people follow during this month. What I do is give up eating non-vegetarian food. I don’t fast during these days but I’m much more rigorous in these matters during Ganeshotsav.
Preeti Baney, fashion designer
I am anyways a vegetarian but my kids aren’t, and so during this month I avoid serving non-veg food to my kids. I prepare simple food without green vegetables. There is an Ayurvedic as well as a scientific reason for this which is the fact that during monsoons, it’s not healthy to eat greens. Our body is not able to absorb and digest them. 
Dr Amit Palwe, businessman
I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian but have to give it up along with other temptations during Shravan. It is definitely tough for me to follow as I love non-veg food. This is the only time that I actually experiment with different varieties of vegetarian dishes.
Tarita Mehendale, educationist
I fast for the whole month of Shravan. I eat only one meal a day, the time of which depends upon my work schedule. On the first day of Shravan, I wore new clothes plus new jewellery and visited the Shiv Mahadev Temple. I turn vegetarian from the first day of Shravan and observe it until the last day of Navratari. If I have to launch some new business venture or do something important, I prefer doing it in this holy month as it’s extremely auspicious.
Manisha Goel, interior designer
Back in Chennai, before I got married, we would go to our family-run Shiv temple twice a day during Shravan. In the mornings, we would go to offer abhishekh to the shivling. The chadava would comprise milk, rose water, curds, honey, sugar and even bhang. Here, in Pune, I go to the Shiv temple once a day. I also fast every Monday during Shravan and eat just one meal a day. The meal is mostly made up of sabudana items which can be had along with fruits, juices, rajgira, and shamke. In the food eaten during these days, I only use rock salt and not the normal daily salt.

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