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British Raj: the good, the bad & the ugly

DNMUM394425 | 8/13/2017 | Author : Team dna | WC :1579

Closer to the country’s 70th year of Independence, personalities from diverse walks of life share their thoughts on British rule in India
Independence Day Special | JUST BEFORE MONDAY
Radhika Raje Gaekwad, Maharani of Baroda
The British Raj was a colonising power and there’s no way to look at anything they did in India positively. Things for which they are looked up to (railways, postal services and telegraph), while undoubtedly useful, weren’t purported to benefit Indians, but to further the British power in India. It’s well known from Gandhi s experience in South Africa that Indians were only allowed to travel in the third class. Perhaps, the only good that came of the rule is that it helped unify us as a nation.

BR Mani, DG, National Museum and former Addl. DG, Archaeological Survey of India
It was during the Raj that archaeology as a science and a separate discipline was develo
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