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Of epic value

DNBAN42052 | 5/18/2011 | Author : Vani Mahesh | WC :463 | Opinion & Viewpoint

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For me, the word heaven brings to mind Apsaras dancing, Gandharvas singing and Indra and other gods drinking Amrita. A mention of Shiva and the vision I conjure up is snow-covered Himalayas with Shiva and Parvati smiling. Think of Vishnu and it is the tranquil looking god relaxing on the seven-headed snake Adishesha. Most of this imagery is from my obsessive reading of Amar Chitra Katha but they are also from my grandmother’s rather colourful renditions.
I later read the epics and myths in translation as an adult. I am still awestruck with the genius of our ancestors who created them with such fantastic stories and worlds. These tales were not merely entertaining but also inspiring, speaking of how bravery, honesty and integrity w
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