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Finding balance, a tightrope walk in India
DNMUM350791 | 11/29/2015 | Author : Marisha Karwa
When she was a teacher, my mother spent up to 10 hours away from home each day. After rushing through her household chores, she'd make a dash for the local train on which she'd spend up to four hours commuting from our Khar home to her school in Ulhasnagar. Once inside ...
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Looking for closure
DNMUM350792 | 11/29/2015 | Author : Gargi Gupta
It has taken more than 50 years for them to speak out, but now the small band of 'Deoli Camp Internees', as they call themselves on Facebook, are eager to tell their story. Last month, four members of the community – now US and Canadian citizens – flew to India for just...
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Meet 'em at the intersection
DNMUM350793 | 11/29/2015 | Author : Gargi Gupta
Because it's there" – legendary mountaineer George Mallory had said when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. The same spirit drives Anil Kumar Dhir on his quest for 'confluence points' – spots on the Earth's surface where latitudes and longi...
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New museum on the block
DNMUM350794 | 11/29/2015 | Author : Ornella Dalt146Souza
Here's what a corporate involved in modern art can bring to the table – advanced technology, lighting, storage, insurance, display, protection and transportation of art works," is how Swati Piramal, vice-chairperson of Piramal Enterprises Ltd., put it while launching th...
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Wuthering heights
DNMUM350796 | 11/29/2015 | Author : Roshni Nair
Catherine the Great was a screamer. Lest that sound bawdy, we're talking about roller coasters. The sight of one of Russia's greatest monarchs shrieking with delight in a wooden sled, in all her imperial finery, would be one to behold. But we digress.Eighteenth ce...
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Steering change in Iran
DNMUM350797 | 11/29/2015 | Author : Amrita Madhukalya
Laleh Seddigh, Iran's most prominent female race car driver, is nicknamed 'little Schumacher'Laleh Seddigh, quite simply, refuses to conform. She is not just a female race car driver blazing past competitors in circuit races and rallies, but is also from deep...
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No. of Items: 118 | No. Pages: 20
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