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The Secret 7
DNMUM379051 | 12/10/2016 | Author : Mahesh A Kalra
Nothing is quite a secret anymore. The advent of the world wide web teamed with increasing usage and accesss to the Internet has made keeping secrets much harder. However, mysteries still abound when it comes to the debate of the existence secret societies. While some argue they ...
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Amma bids final adieu, leaves TN in tears
DNMUM378809 | 12/6/2016 | Author : Amita Shah and R Rangaraj
New Delhi/Chennai: As always, Jayalalithaa Jayaram kept everyone on tenterhooks till the end. She would have said it was not deliberate, just as she claimed in an interview 17 years ago that she “never consciously appeared tough”. Having strode in like a colossus in t...
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Exclusive ideas for an inclusive India
DNMUM378646 | 12/4/2016 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
Carnatic vocalist TM Krishna and the Jogappas, a transgender musical community, come together today evening for a concert titled Aikya, or unity. The Jogappas, from north Karnataka, south Maharashtra and parts of Telangana, who traditionally sing folk devotional so...
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Wear your painting
DNMUM378648 | 12/4/2016 | Author : Avril-Ann Braganza
The next time your little one gets creative with crayons and paper, don‘t just pin the drawing to the fridge. Get to your computer and transform her doodles into something wearable.Enter Picture This Clothing, which started when Jaimee Newberry made a dress f...
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The winning type
DNMUM378649 | 12/4/2016 | Author : Marisha Karwa
It takes all kinds to make the world, they say. And just as damsels and great danes exude a certain kind of a personality, so do typefaces. Think Arial, Comic sans, Helvetica, Palatino, Trebuchet and ZapfChancery. It‘s easy to imagine Comic sans as a whimsical child an...
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A touch of the special
DNMUM378675 | 12/4/2016 | Author : Pratik Ghosh
From three to a million lives,” is how Mithu Alur describes the long journey of the NGO ADAPT, formerly called the Spastic Society of India (SSI), on Friday evening. Sitting a few feet away from her in the drawing room of their Colaba home is daughter Malini Chib, an emp...
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No. of Items: 140 | No. Pages: 24
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