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Space, the final frontier
DNMUM427675 | 12/9/2018 | Author : Dyuti Basu
One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” said Neil Armstrong, on one of history’s most momentous occasions: setting foot on the moon. This “step”, however, was only one in a chronology of humankind’s fascination with the world beyond theirs, and c...
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Duchamp’s descendants
DNMUM427676 | 12/9/2018 | Author : Gargi Gupta
In April 1917, French artist Marcel Duchamp sent in an artwork for inclusion in an exhibition in New York. Titled Fountain, it was a porcelain urinal - a typical one, like those found in sanitary stores all over - which had been mounted on a pedestal and signed ‘R Mutt’, a ...
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Therapy art
DNMUM427678 | 12/9/2018 | Author : Pooja Salvi
It was following a difficult period in life that Sonaksha Iyengar channelled her energy into art. She was always doodling, but the fine amalgamation of strokes, drawings, colours and comforting words came in a quest for relief from her own agony. As she gradually p...
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Still life, still standing
DNMUM427679 | 12/9/2018 | Author : Ornella D’Souza
The imitation of inanimate objects, to reproduce their exact likeness, forms the crux of the ‘Still Life’ genre of painting. With its heyday in 16th-century Flanders, still life continues to be the mainstay of many art schools. The genre involves carefully placing objects -...
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Songs of different soils
DNMUM427680 | 12/9/2018 | Author : Dyuti Basu
With twilight edging into night, the walls of Mehrangarh Fort reflect the vivid hues of the rosy evening. As tourist cameras go mad clicking the spectacle, some stop to listen to the cheerful beat of Iqbal Nagarchi’s nagadas. As he picks up a new rhythm, he spots some tourists...
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Classical music riyaz reinvented
DNMUM427681 | 12/9/2018 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
While the class for students of Hindustani classical music goes well, practicing at home remains a challenge. Often erroneous notes/pitch can become difficult-to-weed-out habits by the next class.How does one resolve this? Riyaz, an AI-powered pocket music ap...
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No. of Items: 182 | No. Pages: 31
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