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The virtues of vice
DNMUM365403 | 5/29/2016 | Author : Roshni Nair
Women are weak and susceptible to Satan's charms. Those who succumb are witches, indulging in cannibalism, infanticide and maleficent spells. They also steal penises, which are then stored in birds' nests. "A man reported that he had lost his member and appro...
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Campaign girl
DNMUM365405 | 5/29/2016 | Author : Amrita Madhukalya
Political strategist Shubhrastha recalls her fondest memory from her stay in Assam, where the BJP has formed the government, its first in the northeast. On polling day, a 95-year-old voter in Bokakhat consituency threw a tantrum when she saw that the EVM machine did not have the ...
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The Bard's ambassador
DNMUM365406 | 5/29/2016 | Author : Marisha Karwa
Sir Ian McKellen is a bundle of energy. Having sat through 10 media interactions in a span of 120 minutes, the 77-year-old snatches a couple of minutes for a smoke break, as he scampers between rooms at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.He is a man on a mission. During his six-day...
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Full house for Marathi cinema
DNMUM365414 | 5/29/2016 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
Whether in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka or West Bengal, it's the local language that gets precedence over others. Until now, Maharashtra was the only state where this wasn't so. I'm happy to see this change," says Nitin Keni, CEO of Zee stu...
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Superhero inc.
DNMUM365416 | 5/29/2016 | Author : Jayadev Calamur
Want to know more about superheroes and their connect with our everyday world? Then the Smithsonian Institute's six-week online course, The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture, is just for you.After all, superheroes tend to be centred on real-life incid...
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Matheran gets a makeover
DNMUM365417 | 5/29/2016 | Author : Shraddha Shirodkar
Lush green landscapes, majestic hills, picturesque bungalows and horses are what define Matheran, India's smallest hill station. It's almost like a work of art that must be treasured forever… but is that too much to hope for, given the onslaught of tourism and subsequen...
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No. of Items: 127 | No. Pages: 22
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