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The Awakening
DNMUM311873 | 7/27/2014 | Author : Shruthi Rao
One morning Venkatesh decides to wear his wife’s salwar-kurta. Will the sight of his wife holding out their child in appeal, persuade him to change his mind?One morning, Venkatesh decided to wear his wife's salwar-kurta. One moment saw him sitting on th...
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The Sad Unknowability of Dilip Singh
DNMUM311874 | 7/27/2014 | Author : Tanuj Solanki
The narrator, a friend, examines the trajectory of Dilip Singh’s writing and whether it may have driven him to take his own lifeThe never-to-be-famous writer Dilip Singh died of his own hand in the winter of two thousand and six. He was twenty-nine. His...
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The Old Woman Who Could Fly
DNMUM311875 | 7/27/2014 | Author : Deepak Unnikrishnan
A rebellion takes place in an old-people’s home and residents think of wild and tragic ways to persuade their children to visit themBig-Shot Bhaskar knew what he was doing when he built the first nursing home in Trichur. He called it 'Gulf Party Peoples...
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DNMUM311876 | 7/27/2014 | Author : Monika Pant
Can a young man convince his domineering father that his life of quiet isolation away from an oppressive upbringing is the only choice for him?Siddharth stepped back after an hour at the telescope. The pale cream wall with the framed photographs was unc...
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Shifting Lives
DNMUM311877 | 7/27/2014 | Author : Ajay Patri

A nomadic farming community is cheated of its fields and forced to settle on worn-out land, giving the headman little choice but to persuade his pregnant young daughter to leave for the city

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The best ice creams in Delhi
DNAHM73894 | 7/27/2014 | Author : Manek Premchand
On its centenary, tomorrow, the world prepares to remember the brave slain in World War-I. But in India, who also lost Her many sons to this catastrophe, it will be business-as-usual, even at India Gate. Manek Premchand hums in sadness hoping that as we consume hundreds of sco...
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No. of Items: 220 | No. Pages: 37
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