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The male version of menopause
DNMUM367663 | 6/26/2016 | Author : Ornella Dalt146Souza
It's likely you've known an ageing uncle, neighbour or a colleague who, overnight, seems to have become "young at heart" by making drastic changes to his way of life — donning colourful shirts, listening to the latest teenybopper numbers, growing a pot belly, ...
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Bringing the hospital home
DNMUM367664 | 6/26/2016 | Author : Jayadev Calamur
The family of a patient in ICU queuing up outside the doctor's door hoping to get queries answered, groups of people scurrying to pay up before they can admit a patient in distress, grieving relatives running on a Sunday to settle the final bill so they can take the body of ...
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Lessons from Italy, designs from India
DNMUM367671 | 6/26/2016 | Author : Marisha Karwa
For most of us, the internet slang ASAP stands for 'as soon as possible'. Not so for designer duo Sahil Bagga and Sarthak Sengupta, whose assigned meaning for the acronym is 'as sustainable as possible'. The philosophy forms the genesis of every project the De...
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Memories of a maverick musician
DNMUM367672 | 6/26/2016 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
In October 1990, a packed auditorium in Odisha's steel city of Rourkela was dizzy with excitement. There were 30 minutes to go before a concert by RD Burman. Backstage, however, his troupe was tense. Forget singing, Panchamda (as RD was lovingly called) could barely speak be...
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Sounds of erotica
DNMUM367673 | 6/26/2016 | Author : Roshni Nair
The text gives way to an adult film star in the act. It is her voice we hear — or so it seems before dubbing actress Balbina del Rosario appears, intoning the words and moans in a recording studio as the film plays in the background.This is the digital advertisement for Org...
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Shake a belly
DNMUM367674 | 6/26/2016 | Author : Pooja Bhula
An Egyptian track rings in my ears at the very mention of belly dance. To my amateur ears, the instrumental track, the name of which I still don't know, begins with a piano, followed by drums and a stringed-instrument, possibly the traditional kamanza. Introduced to it by on...
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No. of Items: 102 | No. Pages: 17
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