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Marriage is always on the cards
DNMUM331306 | 4/1/2015 | Author : Sneha Mahadevan
If there has been any actress who has defied the norms to chase her dreams and lived life on her own terms, it is Sushmita Sen. From deciding to become a single mother and adopting two girls to now making her debut in Bengali films with National Award-winning director Sreej...
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Short and simple
DNMUM331307 | 4/1/2015 | Author : Boski Gupta
Columnist, writer, art curator... Anupa Mehta has many skills to boast of. But this soft-spoken author keeps to herself unless talked-to. So much so that many fans would actually think that they may be intruding even while praising her work. Her recent short stories book Un...
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An insider's view of B-Town
DNMUM331308 | 4/1/2015 | Author : Boski Gupta
Before pursuing a Green MBA, Rishi Vohra assisted many well-known directors in film industry. But the world of entertainment pulled him back after he retrurned to Mumbai. In his second novel HiFi in Bollywood, Vohra gives an insider's view of this glamorous and glitzy ...
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Aamir risks his health for Dangal, says expert!
DNMUM331339 | 4/1/2015 | Author : Vinod Talreja
Aamir Khan, who will next be seen in Dangal has gone from weighing 68 kilos to 90 kilos. This massive weight gain is for Nitesh Tiwari's Dangal, which will depict Khan as a 55-year-old wrestler.This isn't the first time that Aamir has experimented with his l...
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'In Bollywood, the script of a movie is a casual affair'
DNMUM331343 | 4/1/2015 | Author : Prateek Sur
If you've been in awe of the action sequences from Spiderman or Independence Day or The Bourne series, then you have Dan Bradley to thank. The famous Hollywood action director was in India recently and I caught up with him right before he took off for a new project. Re...
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‘India lacks 1st gen entrepreneurs’
DNAHM83596 | 4/1/2015 | Author : Kinjal Shah Desai
Risk isn’t about going headlong into uncertain situations. That’s just foolish behaviour. Risk means pushing the envelope when others want to take the safe route and caring more about potential rewards than possible losses – are a few lines from the first chapter of Ronnie Scr...
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No. of Items: 293 | No. Pages: 49
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