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St recipes
DNMUM401119 | 11/19/2017 | Author : Pooja Bhula
A long time ago, in Manipur, people thought sulphur beans were poisonous. Then one day, they saw a gayal (domesticated ox) eating the beans and realised they had been wrong. Back in the day, to remove the poisonous elements, people would boil the beans until the...
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Activism as street art
DNMUM401121 | 11/19/2017 | Author : Sohini Das Gupta
If you quiz Euduardo Kobra on what connects him to his art, chances are he wouldn’t bring up the nitty gritties of aesthetics. Instead, the Brazilian street and mural artist would insist that art, especially one that is accessible to the public, is important for its p...
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Murals by the sea
DNMUM401122 | 11/19/2017 | Author : Ornella D’Souza
It was on HMS Minden in 1812 that lawyer and poet Francis Scott Key wrote an ode to the stars-and-stripes flag he saw fluttering victoriously atop Fort Baltimore after having immense bombarding from British gunboats the previous night. Two years later, the whittled down versio...
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Fantastic Flappy
DNMUM401123 | 11/19/2017 | Author : Marisha Karwa
We do not know Flappy McFlapperson’s age. But we do know that she is an adult. And that she weighed a mere 119 grams — slightly more than a bar of Toblerone chocolate but lighter than your smartphone — when she was caught and fitted with a 4.5-gram tag. Every now and the...
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Pesticides not allowed
DNMUM401124 | 11/19/2017 | Author : Heena Khandelwal
The need to regulate chemical pesticides in farming, and instead use organic manure cannot be overemphasised. Yet India is a far way off from achieving this. Just last month, 48 farmers died in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, after spraying a mixture of pesticides on their cotton cr...
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Foot soldiers of the forest
DNMUM401125 | 11/19/2017 | Author : Pooja Patel
‘Public must participate to save forests’Working to protect nature and wildlife makes me happy. I do not consider this a job, but my responsibility. Whether it was the years of work at the Kali Tiger Reserve in north Karnataka, countering poachers and the ...
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No. of Items: 153 | No. Pages: 26
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