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Bhasha Raj
DNJAI86888 | 3/20/2018 | Author : Sangeeta Pranvendra
The RSS resolution regarding promoting of local languages and dialects brings new lease of hope to those who have been campaigning for the recognition of Rajasthani language. The resolution passed at the Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) of the Rashtriya Swa...
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To believe or not to believe
DNMUM410012 | 3/18/2018 | Author : Ornella D’Souza
Et tu, Brute (you too, Brutus?” Julius Caesar cried out, as he lay dying in agony, stabbed 23 times by his senators in a modus operandi of betrayal. Caesar had been forewarned by a ‘soothsayer’ of his impending death, but had paid him no heed. The date was March 15, 44BC...
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The man who calculates your tomorrow
DNMUM410013 | 3/18/2018 | Author : Ornella D’Souza
Since the age of 12, 74-year-old Sushil Chaturvedi claims he has had a fan following of politicians, industrialists and sports stars for accuracy of his predictions of their kundalis (horoscopes). Leading publications, he reminisces, have published his bang-on verdicts, and...
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The Warlock and his coven
DNMUM410014 | 3/18/2018 | Author : Ornella D’Souza
Fancy a ‘Lust’, ‘Pheromones’ or ‘Sugar Daddy’ essential oil that claims to titillate the libido? Or a ‘Share Market’ infused with mojo beans and horse chestnuts for good luck? ‘Bend Over’ claims to assist married women with domineering husbands to grow a spine. These bot...
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It’s all written
DNMUM410015 | 3/18/2018 | Author : Gargi Gupta
Angoothawale is how most people in Sector 31, Gurgaon recognise the Nadi Astrology Centre in their vicinity. Angoothe - thumbs - is, after all, the most definite thing about this ancient (some say 4,000 or 5,000 year old), arcane divining system that is based on ancient ...
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Upper Hand Battle: 16 states & 58 seats
DNMUM410034 | 3/18/2018 | Author : Iftikhar Gilani
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi stormed to power at the Centre in 2014, his BJP ruled seven states in the country. Four years later, the party is ruling, either by itself or as part of an alliance, 22 of India’s 29 states -- an unprecedented ele...
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No. of Items: 158 | No. Pages: 27
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