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18 Feb 1946 The Unknown Mutiny
DNMUM383526 | 2/19/2017 | Author : Pramod Kapoor
A few years after India’s independence, Britain’s former Prime Minister Clement Atlee was in Calcutta on a semi-official visit. During a banquet at the Governor’s House, Justice PV Chakraborty, former chief justice of the Calcutta High Court, leaned across and asked Atlee how ...
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India’s Civil Code Conundrum: reflection of diversity or case for reform?
DNMUM383424 | 2/18/2017 | Author : Mahesh A Kalra
India is a land of many religions, castes, communities and their consequent customs and codes of conduct termed as civil codes or personal laws, which have evolved over centuries of mutual co-existence in the country. The various codes followed by different communities have been ...
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Deconstructing Pagan religions
DNMUM383428 | 2/18/2017 | Author : Deborah Grey
Before the birth of Abrahamic religions and other monotheistic cultures, most parts of the world followed a variety of Pagan religions. These were mostly polytheistic religious practices with deities representing forces of nature as that is what man feared most. In what is common...
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Perks of being a corporate ‘pasha’
DNMUM383047 | 2/12/2017 | Author : Shilpi Madan
I was chomping puri aloo in the spiffy white canteen when I spotted a private dining area complete with a meticulously laid out table and sturdy wooden chairs at the far end. My friend, Anjali Parmar*, part of the company’s human resources team, followed my gaze and remarked, “Th...
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The queen sings the blues
DNMUM383048 | 2/12/2017 | Author : Ornella D’Souza
The world in many ways seems to be getting meaner,” says Shemekia Copeland, feminist singer often described as the Queen of the Blues. “The poor get poorer. People turn their backs on orphans and refugees. And, of course, corporations continue to destroy mother earth,” adds the t...
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The musical melting pot
DNMUM383049 | 2/12/2017 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
Eight years after Jodha Akbar, the opening harmonium bars in AR Rahman’s Khwaja Mere Khwaja still makes one wonder why he used an instrument that came to India in the early 19th century -- some 200 years after the Mughal emperor died in 1605. “I‘m amazed a big budget film didn...
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No. of Items: 127 | No. Pages: 22
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