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A bike ride through the wrong lanes
DNMUM427728 | 12/9/2018 | Author : Shivam Tripathi
I take my bike everywhere I go. The trains are always crowded and cannot afford a taxi every day.  Yes, my one goal in life is to squeeze through the dense traffic and race ahead. I know that my bike sometimes scratches the car ahead or invariably I hit on the car’s rear v...
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Residents wait for one grid to power them all
DNMUM427667 | 12/8/2018 | Author : Sanjay Jog
The rage over inflated bills that Adani Electricity consumers have received has triggered a debate on the need for a uniform power tariff in Greater Mumbai. The city, unlike others, does not have a single distribution licensee, like a state electricity boardCurrent...
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‘Night life’ in Delhi
DNDEL24692 | 12/8/2018 | Author : Rohan Agarwal
Some two years ago, the government had decided to use DTC buses as night shelters. The idea was to yank out the seats and use the floor for laying mattresses. However, that idea did not go very far.Users said the idea of climbing into a bus did not make...
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‘Realty is still the best long-term investment bet’
DNMUM427577 | 12/7/2018 | Author : Anuj Puri
Liquidity crunch in the non-banking financial sector may remain for some more time, and fresh funds are unlikely to flow into greenfield realty projects. However, realty market will revive soon says Anuj Puri, chairman - ANAROCK Property Consultants, in an interview with Di...
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Best time to buy a house
DNMUM427578 | 12/7/2018 | Author : Renu Sud Karnad
The upheaval in the Money Markets during the September-November has largely settled with a fair amount of confidence returning back as all of the commercial papers (CPs) that were to mature have been honoured. There is more willingness to lend money today as there hav...
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House of cards
DNMUM427579 | 12/7/2018 | Author : Dipu Rai
Jayant Sharma, 47, was very happy when he bought an apartment in Ghaziabad as along with providing him a roof it would have appreciated in value over the years. Eight years on, Sharma (name changed) is desperate to sell his expensive flat and move in...
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No. of Items: 175 | No. Pages: 30
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