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Fold a paper to unfold your creativity
DNAHM111614 | 5/7/2017 | Author : Himanshu Agrawal
Folding paper is so much fun! Isn’t it joyful to fold those little boats and fast planes? This summer, if the heat makes you stay indoors, you can still have fun and learn to fold many more exciting little models…and all it needs is a sheet of paper. This fun activity is cal...
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Explore your garden this summer
DNAHM111615 | 5/7/2017 | Author : Team DNA
There are many interesting and educational things that can be found in the yard. Close to natureGo on  an ‘exploration’ of the area to discover the many different types of insects, plants, flowers and trees in the yard. An age appropriate book on birds, insects...
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Of shooting stars
DNMUM387712 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Avril-Ann Braganza
Adrien Brody, Bill Gates, Paula Abdul, Maria Sharapova, Drew Barrymore and Donald Trump... these are just a handful of the big names that Brian Smith, celebrity portrait photographer, has caught on camera. From the over 280 celebrities he’s clicked, a few of his fa...
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Comrades in the city
DNMUM387710 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
In central Mumbai or Girangaon (village of mills), once home to as many as 130 textile mills, vestiges of the mills dot the 600-acre stretch where the skyline was once punctuated by chimneys. This Bombay of yore is quickly being gobbled by mushrooming glass towers. “It i...
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Cannes: Then & Now
DNMUM387709 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Sathya Saran
Then:Cholera sweeping through Nice, proved to be a turning point for a rather insignificant town along the Mediterranean coast. The year was 1834. Travelling through Cannes, on his way to Italy, Lord Brougham was advised to wait till Nice was declared free of the epid...
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Notes from the margins
DNMUM387708 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Jiby J Kattakayam
Pradeep Damodaran’s ‘Borderlands: Travels Across India’ is about the lives of these people whose identity as Indians is, in a way, an accident of history or geography. Or those like the people living on the Indo-Bangladesh border, whose identity, many decades after the nati...
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No. of Items: 166 | No. Pages: 28
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