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Cannes: Then & Now
DNMUM387709 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Sathya Saran
Then:Cholera sweeping through Nice, proved to be a turning point for a rather insignificant town along the Mediterranean coast. The year was 1834. Travelling through Cannes, on his way to Italy, Lord Brougham was advised to wait till Nice was declared free of the epid...
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Notes from the margins
DNMUM387708 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Jiby J Kattakayam
Pradeep Damodaran’s ‘Borderlands: Travels Across India’ is about the lives of these people whose identity as Indians is, in a way, an accident of history or geography. Or those like the people living on the Indo-Bangladesh border, whose identity, many decades after the nati...
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All the staples of Punjab...
DNMUM387707 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Amy Fernandes
There are few places in the world that take care of your temporal and spiritual needs. Amritsar is one of them. I realised this on my recent and first trip to the city, where on the one hand is the dazzling Golden Temple and on the other, the seam-busting dhabas, and if yo...
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Scat spotting & scant sightings
DNMUM387706 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Marisha Karwa
It was a thunderous roar. The birds, including the boisterous jungle fowl, stopped calling at once. The Malabar giant squirrel, who'd alerted me to his presence in the canopy just minutes ago by dropping remnants of his breakfast onto the dried forest floor, stopped stirr...
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April’s not the cruellest month...
DNMUM387705 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Sohini Das Gupta
dna Tag-a-Poet ChallengeYou’d agree, summer is infintely more tolerable when you’re balled up on the windowsill, sipping on aam ras, sinking your teeth into some succulent poetry.As the Academy of American Poets winds up their annual observance ...
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This Varanasi packs India in its gut
DNAHM111407 | 4/30/2017 | Author : Rama Moondra & Jumana Shah
Gut Check !The name inspires intrigue! And that’s pretty much how we landed here. The politically loaded constituency has not much to do with this humble restaurant in Bodakdev, besides sharing the name, though it was a wonder why this name in parti...
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No. of Items: 166 | No. Pages: 28
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