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One million shades of Mumbai
DNMUM410551 | 3/25/2018 | Author : Anagha Sawant
Motley patches on a steel-grey Metro zipping over dreary lanes in Andheri’s Asalpha seem like a shout-out to its backdrop of particoloured tin shacks. Bubblegum pink, ultramarine blue, seafoam green, lemon yellow. Instagrammers love it. It is brilliant — the palette as w...
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Race under the desert stars
DNMUM410542 | 3/25/2018 | Author : Pooja Patel
On the last decade, Middle Eastern countries have opened their doors to Formula One races and has widened the scope of motor sports into a ‘must-attend-affair’. And if you are a fan of the F1 races, then you are well aware that Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) i...
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Jewels from a museum
DNMUM410541 | 3/25/2018 | Author : Heena Khandelwal
A collection that started with a khaas dan (betel leaf container) brought by Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora, founders of jewellery house Amrapali in 1981-82, has grown into a treasure chest, now housed at the Amrapali Museum in Jaipur. The museum, which opened earlier this y...
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Backstage with the greats
DNMUM410537 | 3/25/2018 | Author : Ashwin Krishnamoorthy
Going through Verus Ferreira’s The Great Rock Music Quiz Book, one wonders how relevant is it in today’s time?Lester Bangs, arguably America’s greatest rock critic, perhaps had a prophetic answer to this question when he shockingly claimed, during his swashbu...
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The sound of faith
DNMUM410536 | 3/25/2018 | Author : Avril-Ann Braganza
Three hours, 17 songs, and an emotional roller coaster ride is what you sign up for when you attend Open Secret’s (OS) latest concert series, The Last Words. The concert is based on the seven final statements that Christ spoke in agony as He hung from the ...
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Songs of resistance!
DNMUM410535 | 3/25/2018 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
Dongar phodto amhi / Dagada zodto amhi / Raktachya cementani dharan bandhto amhi / Sukh tumhala... dukh amhala (We break mountains/ put rocks together/ mix our blood with cement to build your dams/ Yet, you have all the comforts and we only get sorrow)....
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No. of Items: 132 | No. Pages: 22
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