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To Judge a Book By Its Cover.
DNMUM396814 | 9/17/2017 | Author : Pinaki De
In the age of Kindle and e-readers, books exist in our lives primarily as an artefact. The sensation of touch and smell that accompanies the visual trigger intensifies a part of the memory associated with a particular book. Trying to awaken those sensations from deep slumber...
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The Guru gaggle
DNMUM396778 | 9/17/2017 | Author : Iftikhar Gilani
After Indira Gandhi lost power in the 1977 general elections, the new Janata Party government moved swiftly to act against her for excesses committed during the Emergency she had imposed in the country. An enterprising young maulvi approached her, with the promise ...
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When tradition meets modernity
DNMUM396772 | 9/17/2017 | Author : Yogesh Pawar
When recording technology came to India in the early 1900s, names like Sashimukhi and Gauhar Jaan from Calcutta were the first to record. Much of those early recordings by the maestros on the 78 RPM format is lost to us. However, now, a Hindustani classical concert...
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Touch and feel
DNMUM396771 | 9/17/2017 | Author : Gargi Gupta
Some time ago, artist and social worker Arunima Bose found herself just sketching vaginas. “The vaginas became images of things that affected me - a stormy sky vagina, a red-flower vagina on a spring day, etc,” says Bose. The idea to make a three-dimensional repres...
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No. of Items: 154 | No. Pages: 26
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