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Look beyond the glitter
DNMUM310181 | 7/7/2014 | Author : Team DNA
Gold is generally seen as a safe haven during periods of high inflation. As inflation increases, the value of money decreases and the prices of all goods increase. People prefer to hold gold instead of cash during these periods as gold acts as a retainer of value for them.  Tradi...
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Systematic goals
DNMUM308578 | 6/16/2014 | Author : Vijay Pandya
The ability to time the market is said to be one of the most coveted where equity investors are concerned. It is also, unfortunately, more a case of blind luck paying off than talent, as they soon find out. One can amass lakhs over a few years and then suddenly lose everything ov...
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How should I plan my portfolio now?
DNMUM306884 | 5/26/2014 | Author : Vijay Pandya
The formation of a stable government at the centre opens up a host of queries from investors. What are the implications of this? Should I reconsider my portfolio allocations? Sell or buy? Well, here’s what a variety of analysts have to say and its mostly positive. Harsha Upadh...
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Facilitating future needs
DNMUM305632 | 5/12/2014 | Author : Vijay Pandya
A friend of mine was about to get married when she began to worry about her mother's future. With limited time in hand, she opened up a joint savings account and deposited a basic corpus created from her savings. The next step, she shared, would be opening up fix...
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Investment mantras for mothers
DNMUM305687 | 5/12/2014 | Author : Anand Radhakrishnan
Anand Radhakrishnan, Head of Equities & Portfolio Manager, Franklin Templeton Investments – IndiaManaging money wisely is a prerequisite for financial comfort so  take full charge of your financial affairsThe principles of investment planning—starting early, havin...
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Capitalise on higher interest
DNMUM305688 | 5/12/2014 | Author : Team DNA
Accumulating money in your savings account is one of the safest options around. However, by doing this, you lose out on the extra interest that you might earn if you had invested the excess capital in fixed deposits. To help savings account holders capitalise on the higher ...
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No. of Items: 12 | No. Pages: 2
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