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DNMUM317282 | 10/5/2014 | Author : Sonal Ved | WC :588

Stand-up comedian Sundeep Rao is India’s only partially blind comic. But, apart from a lifetime’s supply of blind man jokes, the condition has affected him little, says Sonal Ved
Just Before Monday

O’m partially blind, so I can see enough to check out women,”  Sundeep Rao winked as he introduced himself to a roomful of people at Crossword bookstore in Mumbai. The audience let out a huge guffaw. And that was just the start to his little act.
Sundeep was in Mumbai to talk about how his condition, medically known as juvenile macular degeneration, has worked to his advantage instead of against him. But rather that going on about it in a rant-like fashion, he had the audience doubled up in laughter at the launch of Gifted: Inspiring Stories of People with Disabilities by Sudha Menon and V.R. Pherose last month. 
While Sundeep has been doing standup since 2010, it is only recently that he started talking about his disability
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