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Kung-fu, karate, kickboxing are passé, it's time for kudo!

DNMUM249454 | 7/11/2012 | Author : Srishti Shinde | WC :541

Martial arts is one of the most fast developing sports in the world. Just last year, a new form was included in the School Games Federation of India (SGFI), and also included into the curriculum of all schools. Wushu, the Chinese martial art, includes two parts — Sanshou (fight) and Taolou (event), which have gained ground in Navi Mumbai. Now, it's time for kudo, which is a combination of karate and judo, which will be included in the International World Games this year, after which it will form a place in the SGFI. By next year, it will be introduced in schools.
Kudo, as mentioned by Mehul Vora, president of the Kudo International Federation of India, is a comparatively modern form of martial arts that comes from Japan. "It is a combination of karate, judo, kickboxing, jiu jitsu; it's a Mixed Martial Art (MMA). Kudo is recognised by the Japan World Games Association and the International World games association."
These are the first steps towards getting into the IOC (International Olympic Committee). Kudo is a full-contact game and an amateur MMA, which is because it is played with a hard headguard, gloves and a shin guard. That's the reason why kudo can be played by children of smaller ages as well, unlike other forms of martial arts. It is a fight in which both kicking and wrestling are involved, and hence it is a very practical form of self-defence.
Most of the techniques
in kudo are injury free, and hence kids as young as five years can start learning kudo professionally.
In fact, the federation is also planning to start enrolling students starting from age five. Vora further stated, "Kudo, unlike other forms, is not incomplete, like Karate, wherein a person only kicks while fighting; while in judo it's more of wrestling. However, when you learn self-defense, its motive is to be able to defend yourself in a real-life situation. As every fight ends by putting your opponent to the floor, kudo, with its mixed format not only helps you kick and fight, but also defeat your opponent by putting him down. All other martial arts are semi-contact ones, which do not include contact of all the body parts required for self-defense."
The federation has applied to the SGFI and will be presented for approval in the conference to be held in the year 2013, wherein all new sports will be approved. The federation has met all the pre-requisites for kudo to be a part of SGFI, like hosting two national level championships, enrolling a certain number of students, etc.
Vice-president of the Kudo International Federation of India and Panvel resident Atul Bora stated that Akshay Kumar is a chief patron, and has been instrumental in bringing kudo to India. The federation will soon be starting several classes in Navi Mumbai, wherein students will be taught the art form. He also said, "Kudo has the same belt level like karate, starting with white, yellow, orange, green blue, brown and black belts. The founder of kudo is Ju Ku Cho Chatakshi Azuma, who is also the current world record holder for the last 16 years."
The federation plans to target to start off with not less than 50, 000 students in its first year.

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