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Good biz ventures mint their moolah from weird monikers

DNAHM77542 | 11/20/2014 | Author : Manushi Gandhi | WC :517

name game

Ahmedabad: Of all challenges that new biz ventures come across, the first obstacle is naming the enterprise. And, thus it’s not very uncommon to find some owners becoming all too enterprising in their choice for a moniker. However, in their attempt to stand out in the crowd they go whacky with their names, so much so that while these tickle, they tick too.
These whacky names don’t come cheap. A decade back, a leading tractor manufacturer spent a whopping Rs10 crore and a year to find out the perfect name for its new launch. The name stuck in the mind of people, and almost became synonymous with the product, though it couldn’t withstand the competition. dna looked around the state to find weird monikers that enterprising Gujarati entrepreneurs have chosen and why. Read on...
Based in Ahmedabad, it’s a portal for gifts and flowers delivery, though the moniker may make you think twice. “We deliver a bundle or a parcel, and so I named it as bundlebaaj. Moreover, I was in hurry to start the business as soon as possible,” explains CEO, Kaushal Shah, who said that he finalised the name as it seemed very catchy.
No, it doesn’t mean the Gujarat way, i.e., hang to death (faaso), but Faaso’s will make your taste buds hang on to it. The name is an abbreviation for ‘Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shit’ — the mouthful only aiming to warn you off unhealthy snacks.
This Morbi-based company has nothing to do with mint. A leader in vitrified tiles it also has its share of story to explain — why Simpolo? A top official had a simple explanation: “We wanted a name which is simple and has a Italian ring to it — hence Simpolo.” Umm, ok. Comprende? We did, and hope its clients too got it as simply.
No Mad Baker
Yes, you’ve got it — they are indeed a bunch of motley bakers, united in their passion for baking and roaming. So what else can they name their pizza outlet, but No Mad Baker. Rohan Bhatt, a partner in the venture said, “My partners, Varun Bhattacharya and Regina Daga, have been roaming around a lot. They have done business at various places, so at best they have been nomads. In addition, all three of us are mad about experimenting with food. So we call ourselves No Mad Baker.”
Dangee Dums
You may not find it in any ‘bakwaas’ dictionary, but this home grown cafe chain with its fine chocolates, cakes and coffee is a household term. CMD Nikul Patel said: “Practically speaking Dangee Dums means nothing — it was chosen because it is evocative and sounds exotic. We wanted a name which meant nothing and yet distinctive. I feel the name has worked tremendously well for us.”
Some that didn’t work
However, if you thought good business rides on a whacky name, think again. For whacky names are no guarantee of success. For example, two Ahmedabad-based businesses —Thatharo and Otla Panchayat — had to unfortunately wrap up for want of patrons. ‘Thath math nu thekanu – Thatharo’ dealt in traditional clothing, while Otla Panchayat was a cafe located near Thaltej.

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