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Heard of Kaanfat Tope?

DNMUM394421 | 8/13/2017 | Author : Melissa D’Costa D’Silva | WC :689

A travel portal recently revealed a list of culinary terms in different languages. We asked foodies to share a phrase that they feel deserves an English translation

In William Shakespeare’s words, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” And if we extended that to cover words associated with the culinary world from different languages, would it sound as sweet?
It’s only words but in different languages
Recently, international travel portal, Expedia UK, did their bit to introduce travellers to words associated with food from different countries. So, you got Sobremesa (which means over the table in Spanish) and refers to one lingering at the table long after a meal is finished, Natmad (that’s night food in Danish) which refers to traditional food that is served at the end of the party before you’re sent home and Kummerspeck (in German translates as grief bacon) that’s weigh
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