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Is safety your priority or returns?
DNMUM302626 | 4/8/2014 | Author : Vijay Pandya
A person was overjoyed to learn that he had come into a huge inheritance. On arriving to collect it, he was informed that the wealth so carefully saved by his ancestor, had been mostly in the form of tobacco, which had rotted away and perfumes that had evaporated. Somehow, man...
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14 boxes to tick before you buy life insurance
DNMUM302771 | 4/8/2014 | Author : Metilda Stanley

Life insurance is brought more as an obligation or an inconvenience bulldozed by an acquaintance- a cousin, friend, neighbor etc. Buying life insurance plans however, can be one of the best financial decision, if you have the below checklist with you. If y...

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Why consider Monthly Income Plans?
DNMUM302772 | 4/8/2014 | Author : Team DNA
Monthly Income Plan is an investment option where the investor receives a specific monthly amount that serves as a regular form of income. MIPs are offered by mutual fund houses and can be an ideal source of monthly income for retired people.Asset allocation and in...
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Planning today's festive purchases?
DNMUM302015 | 3/31/2014 | Author : Vijay Pandya
Gold and Gudi Padwa have been synonymous for ages. However, smart investors have learnt to adapt to the changing economic scenario and most of them have moved on to options like gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) and even equities with good reason. Holding costsSumeet ...
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The need for loan insurance
DNMUM302068 | 3/31/2014 | Author : Team DNA
Insuring assets like a property or a vehicle is very common but insuring the loan on which they have been bought, not very likely. The concept of loan insurance is relatively new in India but it is of great importance as it insures you from the repayment risks associated...
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Are you afraid to invest?
DNMUM300817 | 3/16/2014 | Author : Averil Nunes
According to a Neilson study sponsored by DSP Blackrock, 77% of working Indian women do not take their own investment decisions, primarily because they are afraid to take risks. You worked hard for it, you saved it; are you ready to learn how to make it work for you? Presenting b...
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No. of Items: 35 | No. Pages: 6
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