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We work hard to ensure all our songs are hits
DNMUM326283 | 1/24/2015 | Author : Bryan Durham
With Tevar and Dolly Ki Doli in quick succession and a strong showing in 2014, composer-duo Sajid-Wajid are at the top of their game. Known for their strong melodies and hit tracks in every film they take on, they've become a force to be reckoned with. The sons of Ustad Shar...
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'We will be celebrating ourselves'
DNMUM326310 | 1/24/2015 | Author : Preksha Malu
With the QAM pride march round the corner, activist Harish Iyer and advocacy officer of Humsafar trust Sonal Giani spoke to dna's Preksha Malu about the celebrations, and what it means to be out and proud:What challenges did you face while organising the march?
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Sonia is not a goddess: Moro
DNMUM326320 | 1/24/2015 | Author : Gargi Gupta
The Spanish author of Sonia Gandhi's biography, 'The Red Sari',  tells us why his book enraged Congress workersCongress workers have bunrt his effigies and attacked him in press conferences, but Javier Moro, the Spanish writer, ...
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Israel on the brink of change while Palestine bleeds: Levy
DNMUM326321 | 1/24/2015 | Author : Suhit Kelkar
Israeli journalist Gideon Levy has been termed one of the most hated men in his homeland . The 62-year-old columnist for Haaretz newspaper writes regularly about the atrocities committed by Israeli troops in occupied Palestine. Levy's aim, behind exposing human rights ...
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'Like Anarkali, women are strong in the worst of situations'
DNMUM326326 | 1/24/2015 | Author : Suhit Kelkar
Zee Jaipur Literature Festival panelist Mandy Ord is a Melbourne-based cartoonist who, along with Mumbai-based writer Annie Zaidi, has re-imagined the popular story of Anarkali and Salim from a feminist perspective. Ord has drawn cartoons, and Zaidi has worked on the text o...
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‘I don’t want to do anything from which I would have to retire’
DNAHM80535 | 1/24/2015 | Author : Rochak Saxena
The Vadmasters series is a workshop-like opportunity for cinema lovers, where they can learn things about filmmaking in detail. Makrand, who has played some memorable roles in Satya, Swades, Sarfarosh, Jungle and many more in other languages than Hindi, and has directed more t...
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No. of Items: 281 | No. Pages: 47
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