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To Good Beginnings
DNMUM314401 | 8/28/2014 | Author : Pooja Bhula
Documentaries and DevotionOver the next few days, if you plan to make a trip to Kastur Park colony for Ganpati darshan in the evening, don't be surprised by the documentary they are showing on water conservation. Also don't take offence if youalt1...
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RARE Black Hole discovered in Cigar Galaxy
DNMUM314402 | 8/28/2014 | Author : Pooja Bhula
As per a recent ANI report, a team of astronomers from University of Maryland has succeeded in accurately measuring and thus confirming the existence of a black hole about 400 times the mass of our sun in Cigar Galaxy (M82). Moreover, Richard Mushotzky–a UMD astronomy professor, ...
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Croc-a-doodle doo!
DNMUM314443 | 8/28/2014 | Author : Raul Dias
There were two nail biting matches being played out that evening. One, a Muay Thai kickboxing bout on the telly. And the other, a duel between two rambunctious geckos on the ceiling overhead. The latter, fighting over their prized catch—a plump cricket struggling for dear life...
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On a patriotic journey
DNJAI51396 | 8/25/2014 | Author : After Hrs Correspondent
In the 68th year of India’s Independence, the youth of Jaipur seem keen on exploring various heritage sites of the nation in their quest to know more about the history of freedom struggle and those who sacrificed their lives for it. Speaking on the matter, Priyanka Khand...
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Heartbreaks In The City Of Hearts
DNMUM313887 | 8/21/2014 | Author : Tanushree Podder
A young girl stood, dressed in traditional finery, near the medieval Lotršc´ak Tower in the Upper Town. At her feet lay dozens of hearts, shiny and bright red. A dozen more peeped from the basket on her arm. She smiled and I stood riveted, feeling welcomed by the warm sight. I...
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The Empire of Death in Paris
DNMUM313888 | 8/21/2014 | Author : Jolanda Gonsalves
A few days after taking in the magic of Paris, I am more than keen to explore the dark tunnels, full of bones and skulls, beneath the City of Lights.We save an entire afternoon for the catacombs and as expected, the queue is so long that it takes us almost two hours to g...
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No. of Items: 56 | No. Pages: 10
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