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A Voyage To The Edge Of The World
DNMUM311579 | 7/24/2014 | Author : Piya Bose
Just past midnight, a month ago, I was reclining on the comfortable couch of a luxurious expedition ship, on the high seas surrounding the world’s largest island–Greenland. Miles of crystal icebergs stretched as far as I could see, scintillating in the soft glow of the midnigh...
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Be a traveller and not a tourist with backpacking initiative 'The Land out There'
DNWEB3814 | 7/23/2014 | Author : Vishal Manve
'To travel is to take a journey into yourself.'Travelling across unchartered terrain, crossing rivulets and mapping journeys, a vagabond's journey is not only exciting but also fulfilling. Many travellers will vouch for the fact that travelling gives perspective, serenit...
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Basking in the Tuscan sun
DNMUM311000 | 7/17/2014 | Author : Dipannita Sharma
What struck me about Florence was that there was no traffic, even though it was very crowded. I soon realised why—no vehicles are allowed beyond a certain point, leaving you with no choice, but to walk, a lot! But I wasn’t complaining as the weather was pleasant and the street...
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Electric and Ethnic
DNMUM311001 | 7/17/2014 | Author : Avril Braganza
Would you devour a plant that stung you if you touched it? Sounds shocking? Make sure you try Sishnu (name of the dish as well as the plant), on your trip to Lachen in North Sikkim. If you touch the plant when it is alive, be prepared to get a shock or a sting. The Lepchas the...
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STAR-GAZING With Spyglasses of Stone
DNMUM311002 | 7/17/2014 | Author : Arvind Paranjpye
Long before airplanes came into being and travellers needed watches to calculate time difference, ancient observatories in India had life-size instruments built from stone, of which the Mishra Yantra can be used to know when it’s noon in different cities across the world. Thes...
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Monsoon getaways: Must-haves on your list
DNMUM310892 | 7/16/2014 | Author : Prashasti Satyanand Shetty
Vashi: Monsoons are when one can catch nature in all her glory. With lush greenery all around, the reason is also the best time to indulge and relish the experience of basking in the best of all that nature has to offer. Navi Mumbai, the city away from the city, is a green ...
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No. of Items: 70 | No. Pages: 12
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